Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday morning...

Good morning...or the best it can be for a Monday, haha. Some of you are probably at work, you're the lucky ones.... I'm sitting at home with our daughter while my other half is at work. Don't get me wrong, hanging out with our baby is the best, but I just wish I was making some money so I could relax about bills. I turned in several applications online this week, and just called to check on 2....I might be getting calls back, I hope with an interview...

So while I'm not at work, I tried to do a little class work this morning. I've set my goal to hit 30 assignments a week... I think I've completed 2 so far... *yikes!*

Tomorrow morning is going to suck. We have an appointment for our daughter at 8am...then I have to get a cab and go to court at 10:30am. That's $10 right there we can't really afford, but I guess that's cheaper than a warrant for not going. My lawyer has yet to say anything to me regarding the I have no idea what I'm walking into.

I really sad that yesterday we didn't make it to the store to get a Sunday paper :(  so I missed out on this weekend's coupons... Humph.

Well I suppose, I should probably jump off here at least for a little while. Hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yay, another bill paid :)

My other half was able to sell the dirt bike today and got enough to pay his fines for the month & also have us a little bit of extra for ourselves, which is great as we are going to need diapers and wipes soon. Is it to early to start potty training? How do you potty train a girl?

School at Home

How do you do your online schooling? Do you have a school planner? Keep a notebook of assignments & due dates? With my online classes, I don't even have a schedule, but a course list with the name of each assignment and quiz. My classes are done when I want.

Now really, that's not so bad, until I realize that I need structure just as much as our daughter does. Today, I am trying to come up with some kind of schedule for myself to complete a minimum of 30 assignments each week... Let's see what I can come up with... Also, if I'm able to do this, the Hays Learning Center will let me use a laptop of theirs to do my classes on an actually computer, and not my smart phone....which will make my life, so much easier.

(this could take a while) Wish me luck!!

It's been a while...

I can't believe that 2015 is already almost over. Before we know it, it'll be Halloween. This year has been absolutely crazy, a lot has happened...but through it all, I'm making the decision, finally, to get my nose to the grindstone, finish school & get into college. One of my dreams is to get my degree in Web Design. Also in Business. I now have a family. My other half & I have been through hell & back, a few times...and now are doing everything we can to make a dollar, especially where our budget just got scrunched up a little bit tighter. We have a beautiful daughter, who will be 2 in December <3 She is our world.

Since this is somewhat what I'm going to go to school for, and through the struggles of a modern woman & mother, I figured I'd update this as regularly as possible. Keep in mind, I'll be on my cell phone updating don't expect anything spectacular real soon... But hey, it's a start.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Take the Thrive Challenge!

Take the Thrive Challenge!!!
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