Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping Your Best Memories Close

*Quick note, some/most of the songs on this post are NOT family friendly.

Since I've had a bit of a change in my life....okay, a HUGE change in my life, I've been trying to keep my best memories alive. I am one of those who LOVE music.... you know, 'music is my boyfriend' kinda girls. I wanted to share some of my best memories & favorite songs with you all today. 

Here are some of my favorite songs w/ which I have memories to, that I'll never forget. Some memories are my own, others are with some of my greatest friends. Heck, even one is with my mother, which you'd probably never expect.

Be sure to share your memories & to which songs in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

I want to just share real quick that in this day & age, you just have to be you. You can't let everyone else bring you down. This song is clearly not family friendly, however some of my greatest friends & I live by this.... live youg, wild & free....
* Please excuse the major references in this song. 


So I'm a HUGE system geek. Since my second car, & a system via house speakers, I've had subs in everything I've driven. Starting with house speakers, like I've mentioned, upgrading to 3, 10 in. JLs & now I've got 2, 12s.
Well another one of my best friends, Rachael & I used to just sit in the driveway of her house with my MP3 going & 'letting the bass drop' as we sat outside enjoying it, or of course whenever he had an errand to run, we were cranking it and pushing my system to it's limits. Well sadly, I had to let my car go for a while & we no longer had a system to listen to, however we still had her phone & the music she downloaded. We got so used to when the bass hit on certain songs that every time we listened to a song in any other vehicle, that was our thing.... everytime we knew when the bass would hit, we'd 'boom' with our hands.... I think it all started with Church by T-Pain.

Another one of Rachael & I's favorites.....
Skylar Grey & Eminem - C'mon Let Me Ride....


I'm sure everyone has a memory or two to this song, Sexy & I Know It by LMFAO. 
When this song first came out & become popular, my son was 4 years old & LOVED IT. I'm talkin, we'd be in my car & it'd come on the CD...I would change to the next song & from the back seat I'd hear 'MOM, turn it back!'. Before I knew it, he knew the song word for word. Then one day I made the mistake of letting him watch the video, oh my. That's when he became a pro at the dance. My favorite part....
"Mom...(pause for music).... Girl look at my body" w/ his hand on his hips and shakin that cute little but. :D


One of my favorite memories, is definitely with the song Mud Digger by Colt Ford & Lenny Cooper
Back when I lived in SW KS....One of my best friends, Ali was in a relationship w/ a heck of a character. On occasion we'd all 3 jump in my car (fully equip w/ 3, 10in. JL's at the time) & throw in a CD, or two. Well one day this comes on & Ali & I are crankin it up listening to it & out of no where, he chimes in asking, "Are they sayin Mud *iggers?!?!?!" 
Of course Ali & I start busting up laughing, & to this day, still get a kick out of it. 

* Warning: This song isn't completely family friendly, so if you have little ones around you right now, I wouldn't let them see this video, or maybe even listen to it just yet.


Even though this song/memory are with my mother, I have to put it at the bottom, cause it's got to be the most Un-Family Friendly one on this list. Now you've got to keep in mind, I don't have the average mother. Mine is a little out there and listens to just as much variety of music as I do. One day we were going through McDonalds drive-thru with this song playing and I go to turn it up right as the line moves forward. We pull up to the window with the lady & next thing you know, "B**CH!!!!" screams from the speakers. We both laughed SO hard, but had no idea what to say, so we just kept on & grabbed our food.