Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Time I Cried #ChallengeToWrite

Last time I cried would honestly be just this past week.
& this post is going to be fairly difficult to write.

The last few months have been especially hard for me, however I've come to accept & have decided that this is only going to make me stronger.

As most of you know, I'm 14 weeks pregnant & very happy about this pregnancy.

However, I'm afraid I'm at it alone.

Yes, that's daddy isn't here. It's not for lack of not wanting to be, but for other...more personal reasons, between him & I.

You see, I was madly in love with this man. Oh lord he was amazing.
He was a great friend, protector, provider & father to my daughter (even though he was not biologically her daddy....she was his baby girl) Not to mention, an amazing lover.

*tears already starting to form & I'm fighting that lump in my throat*

However, I must admit....His lifestyle wasn't the best for me to be involved with.

I'm glad to report though, he's turning his life around & last I knew, doing great for himself & also very excited for this little guy to get here. Hopefully everything works out for the best in the future by the time baby gets here in December.

As far as me....I'm doing better than I expected at this point. I've got family behind me as well as some amazing friends who have been there for me through most of this...Not to mention someone special whose come out of the woodwork from my past. 

There is always light after the storm!

& I strongly believe that better things are in store for me....