Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Summer #ChallengeToWrite

Summer is by far my favorite season. Now I'm not wild about the Kansas 100+ degrees for weeks on end, but it sure makes for some great times at the lake. Luckily, this summer my family & I have plenty of time planned lakeside & I can't wait. 

We've already been out w/ the RV once this summer & it was just delightful. 
We certainly had a good time! Next scheduled time out is for the 4th of July!!! 

Can't wait to get some fishin' in!!! 
*I was only 3 in this photo*

Another great thing about summer time is when harvest comes around. Yeah, yeah...may not seem like a bunch of excitement running around in farm equipment all day, but you'd be surprised the hard work & dedication that goes into harvest. 

And last but not least, simply being an American...In this house, we are all proud of Americans!