Friday, July 19, 2013

Binder Project

I am wanting to finally put together my own binder, & am hitting road block after road block. I've wanted to do this for a few years now & even though all the ideas and whatnot that I've found online are amazing...I'm only finding them to be helpful as ideas :( Looks like I'm on my own for the search of my own perfect binder....Here's to starting this journey.

I found printable calendar pages here. I chose to use the baby pink ones, as pink is my favorite color. These are great as there are many to choose from & they have every month of the year. You just download to your computer, edit what you need & print. So easy! {& we all know I love easy}

Goals checklist:
I think this is really important to keep me going & as a reminder of what I need to accomplish & by when. This particular one, my mother created for me simply by creating a table in a document with 3 columns... a check box, an area to write in the goal & an area for the date.

I won't be moving into my own apartment right away, rather just a room... sharing a building with others for a few months. I found this 'Home Inventory List' & thought that it would really help to keep track of my belongings while there.

I found this Weekly Schedule at My Organized Home & figured it's the closest I'm going to find to a daily to-do list. As you can see I wrote in the dates above each week day to stay a little more organized.

I am working on adding:
* Medical, emergency & just plain information, including medical history & medications.
* Weekly menu planning, shopping list (including prices to keep track of what I'm spending that trip), pantry inventory & recipes.
* Kids - I want to add tabs for each of my children that will include their medical information/history, copies of their birth certificates, schedules & court papers regarding custody & all that fun stuff.
* Finance - I figure it's probably time I start tracking my expenses & I will probably add in an expense tracker, account tracker & a budget to work on.
* References - I am ALWAYS finding blogs & sites that will help me in my organization or other aspects of my life & then forget the name or it might help me to add in a spreadsheet for that information.

I'm thinking that 3 pocket pages would be good use for pay stubs from work.
Sheet protectors would be perfect for bills, copies of birth certificates & other important documents like court papers & such.
Business card holders would be great for finally cleaning out my wallet!
binder pocket would definitely help to keep sticky notes, pens, highlighters, etc. inside the binder.