Saturday, August 24, 2013

Child Custody Is Never A Fair Fight

Have you ever been through a child custody battle? I currently have my hands full & am just ready to blow!!! I am dealing with a case regarding my oldest son where his father has totally violated every bit of the 'agreed parenting plan'. 

You see, right now he currently has residential custody, which I am hoping to change rather soon. For a while now, I have been denied everything, even a working contact number! Of course, there is a parenting plan in place, so today I got fed up & went to his last known residence to find out that he wasn't there & that they (his family) would not give me a contact phone number! Can you believe that? But to make it just a little sweeter, I had an officer with me & they lied & changed their story to me, right in front of the officer! 

Now I am going to get a few more free consultations & see if there is a lawyer that I can afford to hire & I am taking this to court! Especially now that I have done everything in my power to see my son & they have lied to me & denied me my parenting time right in front of an officer!

If you have any advice for me, I'd sure be happy to hear it. Please comment on this post.

I will not give up!