Friday, August 16, 2013

"Give it a try", Whispered The Heart...

I, like so many others, have gone through some definite ups & downs regarding love. Once you're up, it seems like you'll never be down, & once you're down, it seems like you'll never be up again...right?

As I look back, I question a lot of my choices regarding men... No regrets, aside from maybe not opening my eyes sooner, but just questions. Why didn't I see that? Why did I let him get away with this?

I've begun a new 'relationship' & at first was hesitant. Is this a good idea? Is it too soon? Am I ready?

Well I'm still not sure the answers to those questions, but I have informed 'him' of all this, as well as many other aspects in my life. 

& I'm glad I have. He's totally understanding & has given me hope & encouragement. 

Now to see if it lasts....