Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Takes Your Breath Away?

I never really get asked this question very often, but then most, it's pretty obvious. I can be outside with my friends & be in the middle of a conversation & just like 'squirrel', I'll stop & stare as I hear a Cummins coming down the road. Then once it passes, my attention is still stolen if I find it's lifted & ready for a good time off road. 

Now my man on the other hand, is a Chevy fan (seems his family is too) fact, he's currently driving a GMC. I give him grief all the time, but what die hard Dodge fan wouldn't? We continue to have these 'negotiation' wars, which just make me giggle. I'll pick out a Chevy & he'll pick out a Dodge, either yes or no & then on to the next 'negotiation'. The few things we do agree on is that it's a diesel & big enough for all our children! ..... & NO FORDS!!!