Saturday, November 2, 2013

Only 7 Weeks To Go!

Quick Update... 

I've finally hit 33 weeks! & let me tell you, it has not been fun the last 2. 
I found myself in the emergency room Monday night due to not feeling that great. I was having pressure & pain & was just really uncomfortable & weak. I didn't want to push my luck with work, being that I work 10pm - 2am & stand the whole time, so I decided to go into the hospital about 7:30pm. 

When I got in they took my vitals of course & my heart rate was 120! I couldn't believe it. They ended up checking my cervix, which is still closed (thank God), & did a UA on me. When they tested that they found that I was dehydrated, something was going on with my kidneys & I have an infection! So they decided to hook me up to an IV & give me a bag of fluid to get me re-hydrated. Well when they tried to poke me the first time, they blew the vein in my hand! This is not a very good photo, but here's what it looked like last night (Friday - 4 days after). 

They finally ended up giving me my IV & fluids in my arm & then gave me an antibiotic pill & a prescription. Once I was done with the fluids they finally released me, about 10pm, with a note to excuse me from work Monday night. When the discharged me, my heart rate was back down to 80. 

When I woke up Tuesday morning, my boss called me to check on me & told me to go ahead & take off work that night, so I didn't get to go back to work until me only 3 days on this weeks paycheck. At part time, minimum wage & only 3 weeks left before my boss really starts questioning if I should still be working, that's not nearly enough. 

I had my OB checkup on Wednesday & come to find out with all the pressure & pain I've been having, they think I'm showing signs of early labor! EEEK!!! So I was told to take it easy, don't be walking as much as I have been & make sure I'm resting as much as possible. They also gave me a second antibiotic & told me that I can keep working, as long as I am comfortable. 

Well when I went into work on Thursday, I did great until about 12:30am & started in with so much pain. I worked through it & finally got off at 2am, but had one heck of a time walking the 5 blocks home. Usually when I get off work it takes me a few hours to calm down & fall asleep, not Thursday. I was out like a light before 3am! 

Last night however, work was great. I got off at 1:30am & felt wonderful & full of life when I got home. Laid awake in bed until about 4:30am & slept till 9:30am when I got up to go back to work & pick up my paycheck... I would love to lay down & crash back out, yet I'm up with a cup of coffee from the coffee shop & writing this post. Haha. No big deal though, luckily I have NO PLANS for the day & can lay down whenever.